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Come and experience the world class cave diving we have here in Europe.

The Cave Camp Experience

Cave Camp Europe is a meeting of like minded individuals, all with a passion for cave diving. You will have the opportunity to take part in both guided and self sufficient diving  as well as hosted activities, workshops and interest sessions. It’s a great opportunity to experience the some of the best cave diving available in the world. And to come and find out more about new areas of interest, equipment and techniques.  Come and join us to experience it for yourself!

Line Drills in Sardinia
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During ‘Cave Camp Europe’ we host a number of workshops, interest sessions and presentations. These range from DPV demo days, CCR try dives and right through to cave diving photography workshops & dive.

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“ Survival depends on being able to suppress anxiety and replace it with calm, clear, quick and correct reasoning ”


Our team of instructors are made up exclusively of TDI Instructor Trainers and TDI Instructors.
All of whom are focussed on delivering ‘Diving in Overhead Environments Training’ through TDI – Technical Diving International

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David de las Heras
David de las HerasTDI Instructor & IT
David is a TDI Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Cave Evaluator. Owner at De Profundis one of Europes largest diving distributors and also sponsor to CC-EU.
Matthew Brooker
Matthew BrookerTDI Instructor
Matt is a TDI instructor, teaching both open and closed circuit and overhead courses. He runs ‘Learn to Cave Dive’ and is an avid cave diver with a passion for cave diving photography.
Oscar L Garcia
Oscar L GarciaTDI Instructor & IT
Oscar is a TDI Instructor teaching on both open and closed circuit. Oscars passion is sidemount diving which led him to the formation of ‘Dark Sidemount’ based in Alicante.


Achieve Your Cave Diving Goals

By arrangement we can arrange specific training for you during your time at ‘Cave Camp Europe’. All training is upon request and by reservation only. Get in touch with us to arrange specific requests!

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