Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia
Oscar GarciaTDI Instructor #00000
Cave Camp Europe Team Member and Instructor

Oscar started diving in Cuba in 1983. At that moment, he knew exactly what to do for the rest of his life. Today, Oscar is a diving TDI instructor Trainer dedicated to teaching technical and cave diving using sidemount, DPV and rebreathers as tools of the trade.

He has dived, worked, and trained in countries all around the world. Some highlights include Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, France, Malta, Italy and Spain, where he currently lives. With him you can attend training where you will receive knowledge and attention to detail gathered from many years of experience with an efficient methodology. He is an instructor specialised in sidemount diving in both open and closed circuit.

His preferred tools are the TS System and the T-Reb Rebreather with which you can reach the most extreme limits with the sidemount. With the right attitude, Oscar can help you become a technical or cave diver ready to enjoy and thrive in a multitude of diving environments. Oscar is a TDI Instructor Trainer who will teach you all the technical diving and cave diving specialties. With a focus on diving exclusively for many years, in sidemount.