Oscar Garcia

Cave Camp Europe Team Member and Instructor Oscar started diving in Cuba in 1983. At that moment, he knew exactly what to do for the rest of his life. Today, Oscar is a diving TDI instructor Trainer dedicated to teaching technical and cave diving using sidemount, DPV and rebreathers as tools [...]


David de las Heras

Cave Camp Europe Team Member and Instructor David started diving back in 1987. A versatile and experienced diver, David is also an active and tireless trainer. Since he started as an instructor in 1998, he has certified more than 1,500 divers in different specialties in both sport and technical diving. He [...]

Achieve Your Cave Diving Goals

By arrangement we can arrange specific training for you during your time at ‘Cave Camp Europe’. All training is upon request and by reservation only. Get in touch with us to arrange specific requests!