CCR Demo & Try Dives

During ‘Cave Camp Europe’, we will present to you various closed-circuit rebreathers. During the initial ‘dry demo day’, you will have the opportunity for a hands-on review of the various CCRs. Each unit will be available for you to see in person, with a chance to talk the unit through with an approved instructor.

If any of the units are of further interest to you, you will be able to reserve a try dive on that unit with the instructor. Try dives must be booked and paid for separately from your cave camp registration. They can be arranged directly with each instructor during the ‘dry demo day’. The approximate cost of each try dive is €80. This covers the instructor’s time, Sofnalime, gas and other consumables.

The units that we look forward to presenting to you are;

ScubaForce | SF2 eCCR BM & SM

iQsub | XCCR eCCR

Other Gravity | T-REB eCCR

DiveSoft | Liberty SM eCCR

Please note: Try dives will be conducted in open water only. And all dives and skills are at the discretion of the individual instructor. They offer you, in the main, a chance to feel the comfort of the unit and identify different characteristics such as trim or WOB.

Our team of instructors are all active teaching status CCR instructors. And they are all out there diving into these and other CCR’s so have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer you.