David de las Heras

David de las Heras
David de las HerasTDI Instructor #11679
Cave Camp Europe Team Member and Instructor

David started diving back in 1987. A versatile and experienced diver, David is also an active and tireless trainer. Since he started as an instructor in 1998, he has certified more than 1,500 divers in different specialties in both sport and technical diving. He spreads his enthusiasm for diving, embodying the image of the good diver and raising the level of personal demand of those around him. He started cave diving in 2002 and since then he has dived the most important caves and springs in Spain and frequently travels to the Florida Springs (USA), Cenotes in Mexico and the most popular caves in France, Germany and Italy.

With more than 35 years diving, 25 of which as an instructor, David has specialised in giving only cave diving training: ‘I believe in the best personal training and in offering the highest level of demand, commitment and dedication to students. Cave diving is one of the most demanding disciplines and therefore requires a high level of skill. Dedication and continuous training are necessary to reach a good technical level, making teaching a very rewarding and demanding experience. Caves are the last chance to reach uncharted places on Earth. It is very important to draw attention to cave diving to show how wonderful it is to discover the unknown.

David is an Instructor Trainer SDI/TDI (2007) and Full Cave Evaluator TDI (2018). He is also the director of the SDI/TDI Regional Office for Spain since 2007, and from that point exclusive training for the SDI / TDI agency.